People deal with people they know and trust, people that share values with them and people to whom they can relate.  If you care about the community that you call home and believe in providing a quality product or service at a fair value, then you should meet like-minded people in the various Councils of the Chamber.  The Chamber does not screen new members for character or competence, so people will not immediately assume you have the qualities they seek in a business partner.  They need to get to know you and to see you in action doing something for the community or for the Chamber.

So, get involved! Attend mixers and let people see your fun side, serve on committees and show that you care and can get things done.  In time, other Chamber members will see you as someone they want to do business with and even let you into their personal life as a friend.  As they gain that intimate knowledge of you and your business they will become an extension of your marketing effort through successful networking.  You will then be selling through the Chamber, not just to the Chamber, and the power of the experience multiplies. The more you put into the Chamber the more you will get back both personally and professionally.

We are delighted you have joined the fastest growing and most dynamic Council in the Chamber of Commerce!

Alex Guell
Membership Chair

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